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The Fashion-Oriented Chihuahua Clothes That Small Dog Owners Are Buying Right Now

The fashion world is one of extremes, and when it comes to clothing for dogs, it’s exactly the same. Chihuahua clothes are distinct from most other types of pet clothing in that they are usually more stylish and fashionable than what you’ll find for other, bigger breeds of dogs. In fact, the majority of small dog clothing has more of this fashion-slant than most other types of pet dog clothing. Taking a look at the clothes for dogs industry in general, you’ll see the contrast to these smaller doggie clothes: the bigger clothes are designed with more of the practical interest of keeping the dogs comfortable. But smaller dog clothing like chihuahua clothes are usually purchased by owners of little breed puppies to keep their little bundles of joy not just warm, but also stylish and current with the changing pet fashion world trends.Chihuahua accessories for these little dogs take this even further. Now, owners can browse the chihuahua dog clothing shops on the internet and they have a myriad of accessories for small dogs and other pet fashion options available to them. They can buy the chihuahua sweaters and coats that keep their dog warm, or they can splurge on the more fashionable outfits like the chihuahua dresses.For little doggies, the chihuahua booties are a very popular fashion option right now. Since the release of Beverly Hills Chihuahua and chihuahua dog owners got to see Chloe strapped up in her little doggie booties, these hot fashion accessories for your chihuahua’s feet have been selling like crazy in the online chihuahua boutiques.Today, as I mentioned, I notice that a lot more chihuahua owners are splurging on stylish, cool pet clothes for their little dogs than they are the more practical outfits for chiwawas. Chihuahua dogs sporting clothes for smaller doggies and designer dog coats can almost always be spotted dressing up in these more flashy dresses and elaborate dog clothes designed to please the eyes more than sooth the body in cool weather the way the chihuahua dresses and sweaters do.There are people who argue that these chihuahua costumes and fleece dog coats are hilarious but that they’re not quite for their dogs, and this makes sense because clothing for chihuahuas can be a bit weird and unusual and you can’t take it too seriously if you’re going to “get it”. But for those chihuahua owners who can take chihuahua clothes at face value and not too seriously, many really enjoy dressing their tiny dogs in chihuahua clothes and enjoy the entire chihuahua fashion affair they live, with their little doggies! Chihuahua fashion is more for fun than anything else!